Jeremy R Bingham

Epic Solutions founder and Cashflow coach and change inspiring speaker.


Jeremy helps people happily fulfill their wildest dreams by helping them develop a cashflow plan rather than focusing on the myth of "someday" and helping them live right now!


Graduating with an accounting degree and starting on the path like so many others of a "good" job he quickly realized he was not wired that way. He has built businesses in Real estate, Insurance and Agriculture. Everyday the most important work, is the work he does on himself and with his children.

  • over 25 million in real estate transactional, purchased and developed

  • Expert in creative finance theres always a way to get it done

  • Cashflow creator helping others monetize their talents and create consitent cashflow

  • Avid Learner if someone else did it so can you.


Reach out if you need help dialing in your game.